Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Interesting Travel Articles For The Day

Here are some more great travel articles to start your day along with your morning cup of coffee.

The first article discusses American Airlines and their new technology integration.  With newly granted FAA approval, the hope is for pilots to replace their thick flight manuals with brand-new iPads.  Though pilots were first granted approval to use iPads in the cockpit in 2011, this news tidbit shows that American is serious about rolling them out for both pilots and flight attendants alike by the end of 2013.  The hope is to reduce paper (and believe me, pilot's logs and manuals have plenty to spare) and provide pilots/passengers with the most updated weather and airport information.   

Breathtaking View in St. Lucia
The second article, from U.S. News Travel, is a great slide show peeking at the ten best hotel rooms with spectacular views from around the world.  The article does a great job of mixing in hotels from each continent (save Antarctica and South America).  I also enjoy the fact that the vast majority of the hotels don't belong to any loyalty program.  That makes the list seem a bit more unattainable.  Trust me, I would love to redeem points and stay at the Shangri-La Paris, but the fact that I can't makes the property that much more desirable.  Does that even make sense?  I suppose the old adage of you want what you can't have applies here.

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U.S. News Travel: Hotel Rooms With The Best Views

Photo courtesy of Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

Just thought I would throw a few travel morsels your way to get the day started.  Happy reading, everyone!  Until tomorrow!

-Charm City Traveler