Saturday, August 25, 2012

Planning the Next Trip: Clemson, SC!

Our next trip has been penciled in for November, and we will be heading to Clemson, South Carolina to catch the Clemson vs. N.C. State football game!  When I heard that this would be our next mini-vacation, I was pretty excited.  Going to a small school for college had its benefits, but successful sports teams was certainly not one of them.

Death Valley: Clemson Football Stadium
A great blog entry from the New York Times hinted at the fact that people derive more happiness from planning their vacations than actually experiencing them.  I think there is some truth to that.  After all, while on the vacation, things can go wrong.  All the work piling up on your desk can certainly be a distraction in the back of your head, as well.

Unfortunately, I didn't derive a single ounce of happiness from looking at Clemson hotel rates on a home football game weekend.  Look at those prices for the Marriott Courtyard Clemson 4 miles from campus!

Personal Foul: Roughing the Wallet
You could say that I'm a bit concerned about getting gouged here.  I realize that this is the nature of big-time college athletics, but we need to stay close to campus for a host of reasons.  The flights and rental car should be relatively inexpensive.  I just need to figure out a good hotel strategy.

Thoughts?  Let me know if you come up with something.  I will share my rough itinerary once it has all been confirmed, along with my methodology for booking the individual parts.

-Charm City Traveler


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