Saturday, August 18, 2012

W Hotel Bed Sale: 35% Off

The W Hotel Store is holding a 35% off sale on beds and linens (ending August 27th).  We have been in the market for a W bed or a Westin Heavenly mattress for quite sometime, so this sale comes at the perfect time.  By using promo code "JM35R" at checkout, you will receive 35% off any W mattress or bedding.  If you haven't spent a night on a W bed, you truly are missing out.  It's one of the most comfortable night sleeps I've ever had, and that's no exaggeration.  The 35% off code brings down the mattresses to relatively reasonable rates.  I certainly wouldn't pay full retail for these beds, as these sales seem to pop up once or twice a year.  If you are in the market for a bed like we are, I would definitely investigate this.

Can't Wait to Sleep Like a Baby
Until tomorrow.  Pleasant dreams, everyone!

-Charm City Traveler

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  1. Just bought a Westin Heavenly Bed on a good sale at Nordstroms, but this looks like a great sale too. Never slept on a W bed, but I'm sure they are somewhat comparable. Awesome deal.