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Restaurant Review: "Alchemy" Part II

Restaurant Review (Part II)
Alchemy-Modern American Eatery

Below is the wrap-up of our meal at Alchemy in Hampden:

The entrees had us stuffed, so we were a bit worried about dessert.  Normally we commit to it, realize that we ate too much already, and instantly regret the decision.  Luckily, the dessert choices for Alchemy's restaurant week menu were all relatively light.

There is no published menu for Alchemy's Restaurant Week desserts.  The list cryptically read "Chef's Choices," which usually means a true hit or miss lineup.  However, the server's descriptions really made each one sound like a viable option.  She listed items such as caramel ice cream, bread pudding, Bailey's ice cream sundae, and a sweet sampler.  Both Ms. CCT & I aren't bread pudding fans at all, so that was quickly crossed off.  When the waitress explained that a small portion of caramel ice cream came in the sampler, that sealed the deal.  I chose the sampler while Ms. CCT opted for the Bailey's sundae.

Bailey's Sundae
The picture doesn't do it justice, but the sundae really was a large portion.  I had a bite and really loved the late kick of Bailey's at the end.  Ms. CCT liked it a lot, though sometimes I saw her contorted face and realized that she had gotten a bit too much Bailey's in her bite.  That was the only small drawback of the dessert, there were a few too many pockets of liqueur for her liking! 

Dessert Sampler
My sampler platter, though, knocked the sundae clear out of the park.  The bottom right portion was a cup of the caramel ice cream highlighted above.  It was light and downright addictive.  I wish the portion had been even bigger!  The top right window was a miniature strawberry drizzled in sauce.  It was nothing to write home about, but at least the fruit tasted extremely fresh.  The two portions on the left were types of biscuits in powdered sugar.  I loved the bottom left one and ate it quickly before Ms. CCT even had a shot.  As you can see from the picture below, dessert was a big hit!

Dessert: We Hardley Knew Ye
Final Summary: We had a great meal at Alchemy.  The atmosphere was intimate but not too cramped, and the menu featured many interesting options.  We will definitely be going back here, especially after how well they cooked my beef medallions and how simple dessert was.  It's a bit pricey, with entrees ranging from $20-$35, so a meal will probably top $100 with drinks and appetizers.  Alchemy is more suited for a nice date meal rather than a casual drop-in.  Nevertheless, it's a great spot in the restaurant-filled Hampden neighborhood, and it more than holds its own against other spots in the area.  One parting word of advice: avoid the "wine sampler."  Billed on the menu as a $6 glass that is paired with your entree selection, the sampler was more of a shot glass size.

Miniature Wine Sampler

Thoughts?  Has anyone been to Alchemy that had a similar experience?

-Charm City Traveler

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